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Indie Game the Movie in Philly

2012-03-27 13:29:30 by SPace

so besides the fact that i'm a little pissed that I asked the filmmakers to come to philly, more specifically to Drexel since we are/were the kinda base of the Philly IGDA and they said yes then forgot we existed, </rant> INDIE GAME THE MOVIE IS TOTALLY COMING TO PHILLY!!!! tickets!

you know, Philly, where NG is? Where like a large population of NG lives. Hope you're all going. Edmund's in it. He should totally fly over and see it again. I think Adam Atomic is in it, or at least he was in the bonus footage. Its got the dude who made Braid! and that other guy who hates Japanese people! </philfishifyoudidn'tgetthat>

super sexy fun time yeah

Unity 3D Game!

2012-03-25 11:39:58 by SPace

Good news nobody! I, and a team of astute colleagues, made a Unity 3D game. It is called Chiaroscuro. It is a sort of first person puzzler/platformer. The puzzles revolve around placing light and dark orbs...well you should just go play it and figure it out. It is super indie, artsy and pretentious! It may be a little laggy on laptops, just let me know. It is sort of a proof of concept and there should be plenty more on the way in a few months. Check it out here Chiaroscuro Game

Unity 3D Game!

college dorm shit

2011-11-27 10:56:21 by SPace

i haven't done anything on NG since Pico Day so here is some shizz I'm working on:
music for an html5 game maker game about dinosaurs and jetpacks.
my portfolio website (see @space_ng for a preview of that)
and here is a still from my first 3D animation
hopefully I'll have another flash related thing done in december, does anyone have tips on converting video (preferably .mov) to swf? or exporting from after effects as swf?

college dorm shit

CGI university final

2011-06-04 15:55:28 by SPace

Screen cap from my first 3D art final

I have to go return some video tapes

CGI university final

music reviews

2011-01-23 19:49:27 by SPace

i've recently been doing some write ups of albums and shows for my friend's blog. its a totally legit blog by Drexel University's Music Industry program. i wrote up one for the Meat Boy soundtrack here and one for a Tokyo Police Club show there
so if you are some sort of tumbling hip cat follow that blog.
i've been trying to work on two games but uni work is hard. but luckily i've joined a club for my major and some older kids are helping me out with my AS3 skills. its a pretty great school if you are looking for a well rounded game/animation/web school on the east coast. we are ranked 3rd under USC and DigiPen. Wooo east coast

the guild season 3

2010-11-27 01:49:25 by SPace

just found out that one of the characters in the popular youtube series The Guild staring the beuatiful Felicia Day, of Dr. Horrible fame, is wearing a shirt i sold to J!nx. Zaboo in season 3 episode 9 is wearing my Humans Are Dead shirt, heh pretty neat. Wish I could see some internet cash for that. Welp thats what you get for selling art i spose. just kidding, its just cool to see a body inside a shirt i made. to lazy to imbed

speaking of art for sale, if anyone in the greater Philadelphia region is interested in hand painted skateboard decks such as Super Meat Board (with less copy written characters) i've started a side hustle doing them for pretty reasonable prices. preferable un-laqcured as i do not have a power sander in my dorm. PM if your interested nobody that reads my news posts

Super Meat Board

2010-10-26 00:27:20 by SPace

i've been playing that game so much. <3333
in other news check out this skateboard i painted while not playing meat boy. i'm so meta ce/super-meat-board

Super Meat Board

Biggie Size Me

2010-09-01 16:20:19 by SPace

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i'll something done soon

hey you guys

2010-08-06 22:36:10 by SPace

i was making out with a girl on a couch while watching Shark Week

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games out

2010-06-02 23:28:09 by SPace

play da game i made with Tom

it was a great three weeks and you can expect me at all the future NG events in the area.