Entry #23

Indie Game the Movie in Philly

2012-03-27 13:29:30 by SPace

so besides the fact that i'm a little pissed that I asked the filmmakers to come to philly, more specifically to Drexel since we are/were the kinda base of the Philly IGDA and they said yes then forgot we existed, </rant> INDIE GAME THE MOVIE IS TOTALLY COMING TO PHILLY!!!! tickets!

you know, Philly, where NG is? Where like a large population of NG lives. Hope you're all going. Edmund's in it. He should totally fly over and see it again. I think Adam Atomic is in it, or at least he was in the bonus footage. Its got the dude who made Braid! and that other guy who hates Japanese people! </philfishifyoudidn'tgetthat>

super sexy fun time yeah


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2012-03-27 13:49:46