the guild season 3

2010-11-27 01:49:25 by SPace

just found out that one of the characters in the popular youtube series The Guild staring the beuatiful Felicia Day, of Dr. Horrible fame, is wearing a shirt i sold to J!nx. Zaboo in season 3 episode 9 is wearing my Humans Are Dead shirt, heh pretty neat. Wish I could see some internet cash for that. Welp thats what you get for selling art i spose. just kidding, its just cool to see a body inside a shirt i made. to lazy to imbed

speaking of art for sale, if anyone in the greater Philadelphia region is interested in hand painted skateboard decks such as Super Meat Board (with less copy written characters) i've started a side hustle doing them for pretty reasonable prices. preferable un-laqcured as i do not have a power sander in my dorm. PM if your interested nobody that reads my news posts


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