games out

2010-06-02 23:28:09 by SPace

play da game i made with Tom

it was a great three weeks and you can expect me at all the future NG events in the area.


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2010-06-03 04:44:53

Did you use my art? my internet is going to slow to view it at the moment.

SPace responds:

yeah i used the blue face guy


2010-06-13 01:17:59

It's alright, but it's visually unapeeling and for one reason or another, spraying a house makes me boost forward in a glitchy manner.

Anyways, you've got potential, and with Tom leading you, you've got a LOT of potential, good luck.

SPace responds:

thank you. i'm still trying to find my art style in flash. i've drawn with traditional stuff so long i'm trying to catch up, so my apologies for the visuals. as for the spray paint glitch, it was a matter of the code placement on the animation. i had it at the end and the player would fall off the screen, i had it at the beginning and it wouldn't play, so i put it close to the middle hense the delay as part of the animation plays. i didn't think people would be so picky about that, a mistake i won't make again to be sure though


2010-06-13 06:02:27

verry naise - borat


2010-06-13 19:31:24

Also, I suggest you start talking with proper grammar, I know I sound like a jerk, but it's pretty important in the NG community.

SPace responds:

hahahaha grammar on newgrounds important. thats hilarious. people here are so unliterate any kind of ingrish is unpossible
i like how everyone thinks i'm new here. lol i've been here since 04 kid


2010-06-17 22:45:28

Are you gonna work at NG?

SPace responds:

haha probably not. their staff is pretty full and i'd have to finish college so i'd actually be able to help. so maybe someday in the future, or at least an internship


2010-11-06 13:38:45

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