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Jeff Bandelin

2010-05-29 02:36:22 by SPace

is my friend.
last day at newgrounds, check the blog.
game comes out next week. no one cares.

SPace at NG blog

2010-05-18 14:26:56 by SPace

so the more i looked at the url for my blog the more it looked like spac eat ng. so i changed it. its really frustrating how all good blog names are taken by some dick with one post. anyway the address is now:

working at NG

2010-05-10 18:02:07 by SPace

hey i'm spending the next 3 weeks at NG! follow what i hope will be wacky adventures at

Six Degrees: Tom to Kevin

2010-04-01 10:22:32 by SPace

Tom Fulp has a Kevin Bacon number of 2!
Tom Fulp was in "Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4" with Heather Litteer who was in "In The Cut" which also starred KEVIN BACON!

Six Degrees: Tom to Kevin

Going Away to College

2010-03-29 09:39:39 by SPace

So I have 3 more months of high school. I'm totally ready to leave. But now I have to think of where i'm going. I got into the three schools I applied to and i'd be a digital media/motion media/animation major at all three: Marist College, Emerson College and Drexel University.

Drexel being a university has a massive program with tons of software. Its also where Tom went way back in the day. Its mad expensive though, even after a scholarship. I'm from Philly and I don't mind it but part of me wants to get away.

Emerson is known for having really great tech but seems to be mostly a theater and film school. Plus they didn't give me any money. But Boston is pretty sweet.

Marist is cheap. In comparison. They have a deal with IBM so the the tech is good (i'm not a fan of IBM but hey beggars can't be choosers). They also are the only one of the three with cross country and track teams. Unfortunately its in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Does anybody know about these schools? Its really hard to find honest info if a place or a major sucks or not. This is a really big decision and I know i'm gonna balls it up...

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A Day in the Office

2010-02-03 20:28:27 by SPace

today my dream came true. i've spent a good part of my life frequenting this site not knowing that the owner and operator lived a stone's throw away. For circumstances i'll elaborate on later I visited the NG office today. I was welcomed in by a slightly confused Mike who went to find Tom. The door on the opposite side of the office opened moments later. A window in the stairwell cast a majestic and blinding light around his frame casting him in a silhouette. The light faded and i knew it was really him, he put out his hand and greeted me with a simple "what's up?" I really hope i wasn't making a goofy face.

Tom gave me a full office tour and it was so crazy to meet the staff and see the space. I feel like i was really quiet and stupid but man i could not comprehend that i was really there. I later met Luis and Swain who were equally nice and friendly and managed to explain the dildo hanging on the wall...sorta. It is really hard to articulate how amazing of an experience it was. Just listening to these guys talk about their projects. I didn't get to meet Stamper or Jeff but i'm sure i'll see them around.

But yeah fuck the haters, it really is the coolest place ever. Mad chill. Thanks for the stickers Tom!


2010-01-01 13:20:18 by SPace

i'm graduating from high school in a little over 5 months. fuck yes.
go watch this thing friendless loser collab



2009-12-17 21:44:54 by SPace

hey all two of you who read this: I got into Drexel. on top of that i got into the Drexel Westphal COMAD's digital media major which has a 10% acceptance rate. on top of that i got an $8,000 dean scholarship. i'm on my way to being the next Tom Fulp.
i went to visit and there were Alien Hominid toys everywhere.
dunno if i'm gonna go there, if i get more money some wheres else. but its pretty boss.


Werewolf's Book of Love Poetry

2009-12-07 23:22:22 by SPace

i have a blog now. its pretty terrible. you should go read it. i'll try to update it at least twice a week.
its based half on an A Softer World comic and an essay I wrote for a college application. so yeah. read it. or don't. it is the internet after all


2009-10-15 22:53:30 by SPace

i turned 18 today