music reviews

2011-01-23 19:49:27 by SPace

i've recently been doing some write ups of albums and shows for my friend's blog. its a totally legit blog by Drexel University's Music Industry program. i wrote up one for the Meat Boy soundtrack here and one for a Tokyo Police Club show there
so if you are some sort of tumbling hip cat follow that blog.
i've been trying to work on two games but uni work is hard. but luckily i've joined a club for my major and some older kids are helping me out with my AS3 skills. its a pretty great school if you are looking for a well rounded game/animation/web school on the east coast. we are ranked 3rd under USC and DigiPen. Wooo east coast


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2011-01-23 20:03:45

Tokyo Police Club show was just nifty